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Welcome to the World of ICRI Medical Tourism, a name synonymous with world class, professionally managed healthcare tourism.

Human Resource, considered to be the most valuable resource for any company’s success is at the risk of being exposed to high level of health related factors and high cost of healthcare because of the extreme stress levels at the workplace and demands of the competitive marketplace. Any professional organization’s Endeavour is to take care of Healthcare related needs of their people and their families not only to increase their productivity but also to improve the retention and loyalty.

Today, companies across the globe have adopted medical tourism as an integral part of their strategy to provide the best in Healthcare to their employee’s at the most competitive rates.

This strategy has helped the companies not only to beat the recession but also to ensure they meet their goals of profitability without compromising on the quality of the healthcare benefits to their employees under normal economic scenario as well.

We help you meet your goal of providing maximum benefit at the most reasonable cost. The services which we have to offer are as follows:

  • Designing a perfect solution for your employees for Healthcare which can be part of the HR policy of the company under employees benefit.
  • Group Health check up for your employees at the hospital of your choice in India or Singapore
  • Consultation with the best practitioner for any complex medical problem for any of your employee.
  • Taking care of all aspects of medical tourism right from travel arrangements, visa processing, airport pick up, foreign currency exchange, accommodation, consultation, assistance in billing, and tourism.

Our Contact Person for Corporate Tie Ups:

Pratibha Pandey
Head- Global Business Development
Email: [email protected]

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July 25th, 2009